Zipporah Fraser

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To summarize nearly 6 years of involvement with Crown Heights Service Center can be considered impossible. The happiness, the joy, the excitement and even the sad moments are experiences that is held dear to my heart. Each of these special moments have developed me into becoming the young adult that I am. I express extreme gratitude to this agency for being part of the village, the fundamental groups that has shaped me. I know that every child such as myself, who had walked and continues to walk through their doors will have a everlasting impact on their own lives. Let me explain through their 5 sections that this agency holds dear.

Academic Excellence.

Crown Heights Service Center celebrates your growth in your studies.

Every time I extended into the next step in education I began to worry, It was already difficult for my parents to help me with my school work and I knew that it would get worse.When I went to 5th grade I persuaded my parents to let me join the same after school center as my brother, it worked. Once I was there, this extremely anxious little girl was placed into a group that was similar to her grade level. It was the usual introduction, but we were encourage to communicate with each other. It became simpler to ask the youth for help. Of course I did ask the counselor for help as well. She sat with me and listened to my issues with the problems. It also surprised me when Friday came we had math competitions (now i know that it was to make sure we instilled what we’ve learned). It was so exciting it was the younger students versus the older. We had to get 100 points to win. Of course the youth won, and since it was so fun we asked for a repeat of this day. I personally loved it because when it came to the standardized test I passed and couldn’t wait to tell all the counselors. It was so satisfying when I saw that other students received the same high grades. It was also a surprise that we received certificates and gifts for our achievements. I just felt so acknowledged and it helped to boost my confidence.

Health and Nutrition

Crown Heights Service Center increases our knowledge

Even before elementary school taught us to take care of ourselves this center gave us insight first. We had a whole day dedicated to this topic. But my favorite part was the nutrition, where we actually learned how to cook. At a young age I wasn’t really allowed in the kitchen, so this was a new adventure for me. I wanted to do everything. One time we made pasta , with veggies and garlic bread. First we boiled the pasta, we were even allowed next to the stove with supervision. You put that salt in the pot and then start mixing away. Then we cooked the meat and warmed the bread. Waiting for everything to be done was so stressful. The warm, pleasant smell that this dish brought had our tummies grumbling. The meal tasted so good. I even asked Ms. Gripper for the recipe and made it at home. I was so proud, but it was so good for my family my mother took it for her own. Days like this was so important for me. The counselors taught us so many ways to cook and bake.

Leadership Development

Crown Heights Service Center has prepared us for careers

Instinctively I’ve thought about our bake sales. I recently realized that it taught so many professional skills, such as accounting, management, public speaking, sales and advertisement. I was placed into the advertisement section, whereas I built the posters for the baked goods and the smoothies. Yes we made our own smoothies as well. These signage contained pricing and images to help influence potential customers to visit our stand. Other groups communicated with these customers to persuade them to purchase more products or at least understand that our cause, to maintain the center for years to come. The other group handled the money and checked the amount before turning it into the counselors. They made sure we had the right amount based on the goods we sold. Before even starting our operations the youth and counselors had came up with a plan, to provide goods and just have fun. I think the best part was when a group of students created a slogan on the spot. We were just having fun, but now i realized that this center prepared us for the future.

Character and Creative Arts

Everything is connected

I could go on forever on details for the creative arts, but the most large scale project is our seasonal plays. We mostly did our own version of everything, from the lion king to Mr. Scrooge. The youth was able to audition for parts they desired and even give their input in dances. Although I liked being backstage I saw how it change my brother. For the Lion King, he portrayed Zazu. By him being that character he was able to communicate more. He was able to develop his own character. I notice that he takes more of a leadership role in life. He asks questions and makes decisions, although many may not take him seriously, he’s determined to push his own ideas forward. He is similar to Zazu and this character, just acting in general builds your personality. These plays showed us another optional career choice. It was enjoyable, because through all our hard work when we take our final bow together we saw how much strength we have.

Crown Heights Service Center is a community center that helps to develop us youth. It is a monumental place that gives us insight to all parts of the war. We are encouraged to think and become better versions of ourselves. It helps that we have had strong female role models that has guided us along the way. We are able to talk to our counselors sincerely. We are able to display our talents. This agency values the effects they have on grrr heir youth. Socially they’ve made a generation of thinkers.

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